21 Februar 2008

Evil Scientists to Munich!?!

Verharrend in der Stille des Nichts erweckt ein Brief der Evil Scientists den Superhero aus seiner Lethargie- sie kommen; nach München; in friedlicher Absicht?! Nicht einmal die Zeit bleibt für Sinnfragen und eine anständige Depression... / Remaining in the silence of nothing, letargic, a letter of the Evil Scientists wake the Superhero up- they will come; to munich; with positiv vibrations?! There is not even the time for questions of meanings and a decent depression...
Dear Mr Superhero,

maybe you remember us from the last summer? We had some disagreement concerning the North Cup.

Anyway, we are constantly doing some research related to post-work-trauma of working class women in industrial environment and its effects to the financial balance in EFTA also known as the von laurentian mirror effect, and we came up with an idea you could give us a new perspective.

We'll arrive to munich soon and we hope we can put our personal history
aside and meet on neutral ground. You'll regognise us from the blue
neckties we will be wearing.

Hope to see you soon

The Messianic Research Centre for Visual Ethics

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