10 März 2008

Operation Neuschwanstein-done.

Die Botschaft kam selbst im Land der Süddeutschen Presse an. / The message also arrived in South-Press-Country. (Klick to enlarge)

Die finnischen Wissenschaftler & Superhero legen ihre Erkenntnisse, unter Mithilfe von Supermuse, Lightning Ivi und Eddy der Ludwigianer , performativ in des Volkes Hand. / The finish scientists & Superhero bringing their cognitions, with the help of Supermuse, Lightning Ivi and Eddy the Ludwigian, into publics hands.


frau mo hat gesagt…

i´m still pondering:
why can´t stomach talk?

tutkija Rahkila hat gesagt…

Physically it's impossible. Still, if one has "seen" (and of course, "heard") someones stomach talking, it could have been an act called "ventriloquism".

Ventriloquism is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) manipulates his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere. The act of ventriloquism is ventriloquizing and the ability to do so is commonly called in English the ability to "throw" ones voice. However, the term "throwing one's voice" is misleading, because it implies that a sound's physical origin has changed, when really the change has been perceptual and not physical.

In Finland ventriloquism is called "vatsastapuhuminen" which means, roughly translated, "speaking from stomach". Maybe this is the reason for this misundertanding.

SUPERHERO hat gesagt…

Are you right or wrong, are things smelling good or situations are uncomfortable or not...who will tell you that. The by yourself manipulated mind? I know that feelings seem to be really strange for a scientist and probably he will never hear his feelings, sitting in the stomach, guiding oneself through the rough sea of life. But there is still time. I believe in scientists, ponders and stomaches. And for sure in the small gnom sitting there.

frau mo hat gesagt…

@ tutkija rahkila:

thank you! great explanation!
(alas, my sock-puppets refuse to comment)