29 Juni 2009

The Messianic Letter

Der folgende Brief seiner finnische Freunde des Messianic Research Centre for Visual Ethics, erreichte den Superhero überraschenderweise. Der Superhero machte sich sofort auf den Weg nach Finnland... / His friends, the Messianic Research Centre for Visual Ethics, sent a suprising letter. The Superhero left immediately to Finland...

Mr. Superhero,

we, Messianic Researh Center for Visual Ethics, have been observing your journeys with a great interest.
Since we saw you last time lot's of things have happened. Your efforts for making this planet more reasonable place to live has made a huge influence to us again.

However, we had a lot of thinking what more we could do to help you to reach your goal. At this point we used calculation formula of our mentors mr. Von Laurentius and Mr. Saurus to measure where exactly you are in your process right now. This Formula ( Sein und Zeit/V.Laurentius/S.Saurus) is created to measure where individual stands towards the different variables of one's own cycle of time.

After the long measuring we got the results. They were very suprising and there is no space to go in details inside this letter. But we very strongly advice you to leave what ever you are doing right now and IMMEDIATELY travel here to Finland. We have to do some more measures in our laboratories and look for different options, but surely something is happening and we need you here to see what's really going on. It can be the next, essential step for you to take on...

With respect,


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